Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost in the Abysis of Nothingness

The weekend goes well but the big dog is such a bed hog. I am sleeping with my legs curled up, Winston at the top of the bed and Seamus encompassing one third of the bottom of the bed. We have been very lazy and messy these last two days. We watched Jane Eyre and Pillars of the Earth Part II, now I am watch Losers.

I was disappointed with the new Jane Eyre. The second Jane Eyre movie was better. I think if I had not read the book and watched the other one, the new one would have confused me with all flashbacks. Plus, Mr. Rochester in the other movie was more like the Mr. Rochester of my imagining. The new Mr. Rochester didn't give the impression that he truly loved Jane, I didn't believe him.

The Pillars of the Earth was good and worthwhile but fours hours is a long time for a movie. I had to separate it watched a couple last night and a couple this morning.

I then threw in Losers. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is truly one of the most macho men out there in the movie world (if he has played anything less macho please do not tell me!). He is quite yummy!

I have been living on Apple Jacks, coke and cold spaghetti this weekend and I don't feel very good. I think getting back on a diet and eating right sounds good. Food is not really my friend, more often than not if I eat badly for an extended period of time, I end  up sick. I have reached that point.

I have all afternoon and this evening to be down right lazy (don't tell anyone, but I am kind of bored with it). I don't understand but sometimes I have a hard time turning off.  Don't get me wrong, I can waste time like everyone but I am usually busy wasting time. Just doing nothing, especially when I plan on it, gets old quickly.

Enough for now...

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