Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Turn Around!

When I first watch this video my very first thought was, "ARE YOU MENTAL?" Who in their right mind would drive right into that? I mean for all you know the Dark Lord Sauron has escaped Mordor and is storming through Arizona!

First of all, the driver of the car had to be a boy, for a girl would have pull over to the nearest mall and taken refuge! So this idiotic boy drives toward the rolling clouds of Orc mist (or maybe sand), and then he proceeds to enter the ominous cloud to the point it's pitch black.

If this boy was a loved one of mine after watching this video, he would have been wishing for that tower prison of Gandalf's for protection from me!

Before today's rain down pour I was beginning to wonder if a storm of this sort was next for us. While I truly appreciated the rain, what is wrong with a slow drizzle. A slow soaking rain for about five days straight and I might actually have a yard again. Hey, if you want to look to the upside of draught, at least the mosquitoes are all dead.

Enough for now...

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