Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Brain is Imploding

mi·graine   /ˈmaɪgreɪn or, Brit., ˈmi-/

[mahy-greyn or, Brit., mee-] –noun

an extremely severe paroxysmal headache, usually confined to one side of the head and often associated with nausea; hemicrania.

Today, I am the walking definition of migraine. Thank goodness, it's mild as migraines go and I am not throwing up in the dark pleading with the air to stop hurting me. I have had a dull hard ache with just a touch of nausea all day. Thinking for me was next to impossible, which makes it bad at work.

Then I kept getting the most insane emails or calls. One such email exchange began when I sent an email to all staff that explain why our event was important and in the headline and in the third paragraph I explain that it is important that we all wear green as a show of unity. This has be a tradition of this event for the last four years.

Five minutes later, I receive an email from a co-worker who asks "are we wearing green this year." What??? It's in the headline! So not to make her feel silly, I just reply "Yes, and I expected you to wear green head to toe. Actually, a shirt or nice jacket will do." Ignored the fact that in the email she replied with had all that information.

I feel proud that I dealt with the silly co-worker who doesn't read my emails and makes it obvious by asking these question without sarcasm or rancor. I then go about my business. Then pops up another email from silly co-worker who asks "should we email staff telling them that?" Crap! How do I handle this now? Silly co-worker forces me to point out that in this email thread is the 'wear green' directive and it is in the headline and third paragraph plus it is on the event flyer and event website.

The final reply I get is "Sorry Dana, I am busted. I only half read your email." No wonder I have a migraine.

Enough for now...

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