Thursday, February 03, 2011

The house is closing in on me

My sparkle of babble brillance is severly dimmed when I am stuck in the house for three days and tomorrow will mark four. I have a two door little car that cannot traverse snow banks taller than my car itself. So here I sit without seeing any other human being, who do I snicker about? Who do I blog about? Myself, that's not unusual but there's nothing much to report. Sitting about watching "Charmed, Angel, Supernatural and Las Vegas" every morning, is not blog worthy.

The beagle is even bored with me. He sleeps all day and is ready for all that white stuff to go away. I did go outside and yesterday and scrapped my driveway. The problem is that the snow pile is so thick on the street that my car won't make it off the drive into the street.

I do want to extend a word of warning to anyone who makes fun of all those people who go to Walmart at the slightest hint of snow and buy six weeks worth of food - don't, they may not be all that silly. I am beginning to run low on food. At the beginning of the year, I started a high protein diet that is working but some of the things that make the diet bearable are bacon in the morning (out) and cottage cheese at lunch (will be out tomorrow). The thought of eating steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not good. So to all of you who stocked up on "snowed in" food, I salute you. I am about to have to resort to my neighbor's goat!

Enough for now...

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