Monday, January 31, 2011

So they say blizzard

If the weathermen don't get it right tomorrow and it doesn't snow 18 to 20 inches, the state of Oklahoma will never do the smart thing and close state offices ahead of time like they did today. I had already planned to bring my laptop home and telecommute if the weather was going to be so bad I wouldn't drive into town. But since the Govenor closed shop, I don't have to work. It's an administrative leave day.

I plan to read tomorrow and lay in bed like a lazy girl! I plan to do nothing important. I plan to annoy the beagle so much that he will begin hidding from me. I love snow days!

I, however, am living on the edge. I didn't not go to Walmart and buy 16 weeks of food and water. Nor did I go the gas station and fill up my already full car. Should I not be able to leave the house till Thursday, I think I should have enough food to make it, and enough gas to go no where. What could possibly drive me out of the house would be running out of coffee and I do think I am okay there too.

I was talking with a friend at another agency today and she was telling me that she was going to be stuck in the house ALL DAY with her husband tomorrow and someone would surely die! We laughed and I told her to dig out those snow shoes and send him on to work.

It's funny how when you can do anything you want, all you want to do is lay around the house but when you have to stay home because of blizzard, all you want to do is go out. What do you do when you get the rare snow day?

Enough for now...

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