Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Some days I just absolutely hate technology. I am just begining to perfect ASP files and I now need to learn new database driven program. I am not to happy about it all. I don't aspire to be a major developer just good enough to make my site run the way I envisioning it running. Without waiting for some geek to get around to my simple stuff.

I am being force over to Sharepoint 2010 or 10 (something like that) server and my old files are not compatable. I am trying to psych myself up for learning VB or PHP or whatever works on the new servers. Yippee! [She says with a highly sarcastic tone].

If I wait for our in-house IT, I will loose control of my on-line resource guide and I am not real comfortable with that. So, does anyone know the best language to learn? Let me rephrase that, does anyone know the easiest language to learn?

Enough for now...

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