Saturday, February 19, 2011

CMS Phooey

There are some geniuses out there who know how to create a good Content Management System (CMS) and then there are idiots. My friend, Theresa came over and I helped her update and clean up a website for the free PT clinic she volunteers for. I totally understand why they use a CMS as they are not web developers. But when you looked at the html, I was amazed at the junk the system in the code.

I truly feel so sorry for the people who use that particular CMS and want to make edits. When you would work in the "normal" window not the "html" window, you could change the font a million times but because it would not replace the old code just add to it, the font would never change. It was a nightmare.

I vote for a smart universal CMS code that only geniuses are allowed to write. Who is with me.

We did get the site cleaned up and looking nice. I don't know who was happier, Theresa for getting a project done or Seamus and Winston for having someone new to paw at, slobber over or jump on. I think both of them were quite smitten with her. She was great with them and loved all over them but when she returned home to her 110 lb lab, Harley, I think she might be in trouble.

Enough for now...

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