Friday, January 21, 2011

Tax man - I cometh!

Secrets while often very necessary can get you in real trouble. I am in a situation that even though it's not a bad thing, it is a secret. The ironic thing is that I am a very open person and secrets are tough for me. I can keep someone else without any problems but my secrets rarely stay secret.
On a different note, I got my W-2 from work today and normally I submit my taxes on the same day. However, my accountant is out of town visiting my mom's sister. Okay, my Dad is my accountant. I rarely wait more than a week to do my taxes because I want the money and I am dying for him to come home!

This year, I have been rather bad with my money and buy whatever my little heart desires (my heart really desired shoes this year, lots of shoes). Now my credit card is running more than I can pay off each month. I usually buy things with money I have not money I will have.

It will feel so good  to be free and clear but that will have to wait till Uncle Sam returns my money to me. The fact that I planning to buy a Kindle and Roomba in the next month or two means that I am not plan on stopping my spending any time soon. Any product reviews  on either?

Enough for now...

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