Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Modern Day Housekeeping!!

Have you ever watched a Roomba work? I did tonight and its rather Schizophrenic in its pattern of vacuuming. Its also quit entertaining to watch the dogs, watch the Roomba.

Seamus lays on the couch and watches it with his ears perked and occasionally woofs real softly. Winston follows it around at a very safe distance and as soon as it turns towards him, he darts outside as fast as he can.

I follow it around marvelling at the fact that I am not pushing a sweeper. I also love the fact that I can vacuum every day now. I was amazed at how big the thing is? I expected something along the size of a dinner plate not a platter.

I did mention how cool it is? It's part of my Christmas and Birthday and let me tell you I am as excited as a five-year-old after Santa has dropped off all his goodies and ate the cookies!

Enough for now...

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