Thursday, January 06, 2011

I want a million bucks!

It seems that whatever I blog comes true, so I want a million bucks. A couple days ago I wrote about it could be worse and it got worse. Yesterday, I wrote about my cell phone going dead and how nice it was without it and today I left it at home all day (wasn't all that nice without it - rather pain in the rear). So I guess, I will begin blogging all my wishes and hearts desires, I want a million bucks!

Today, I had a hair appointment to "naturalize" my hair. This time it is really "natural" almost white blond. Do you think I will begin having more fun? I truly would like to have a few spastic, silly moments where you laugh so hard it hurts and you can't breathe - better than any colonic known to man.

Do you think I could begin an new self-help program? Laughter and downward facing dog, laughter and chakra cleaners,  laughter and going to your happy place. I think I will get rich faster on waiting for everyone to click on an ad than my new self-help program.

Enough for now...

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