Wednesday, January 05, 2011

An Oddity of Late

I was alone with my own thoughts this evening where no one I know could interrupt. I let my cell phone run down and it shut itself off. I had to run to the drug store, to get my nails done and then to grocery store, so "No Signal" I went. Oddly, it was nice. While I do love the instant access of everyone, it was kind of nice knowing that I was alone.

It's amazing how we get so tethered to our computers and cell's and when that tether snaps for just a minute or two, the world doesn't come to an end or anything like that. We just do a little uninterrupted shopping.

For those weirdos who answer your cell in the bathroom, the caller can tell that you are in the bathroom and we don't like it. Stop it! It is gross. Okay, family is one thing but anyone else no, no, no! Cell phone etiquette do not talk and pee at the same time.

Enough for now...

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