Sunday, January 09, 2011

Just give me a roll of duct tape for my birthday

What happened to the glorious birthday's of old? The ones where you bounded out of bed and everyone was "Happy Birthday Dana, here's a present." Today, I struggled out of bed and proceeded to clean my house big time. Not just picking-up-a-shoe here and there type of cleaning, the take-everything-down-and-dust  type of cleaning.

Then the next activity for my birthday, I figured the bills. Yeah, figured out that I am broke - what a birthday.

For my final birthday activity, I got to duct taped the dog! Idiot head keeps licking his legs till there are sores. Yes, there is less severe bandaging than duct tape, but I ran out.
Crap, am I an Okie or what?  Duct taping the dog - good thing that no Yankees read this blog, I think all their sensibilities would be mortified. Also, when you scold Seamus, Winston becomes very protective, they both proceeded to lay on the couch and pout together.

I want the you are a Princess for the Day Birthday like everyone's 23rd birthday. Wait, everyone I knew forgot my 23rd birthday including my mom and dad, my boyfriend, my best friend. I do remember I got a ton phone calls and sucking up for forgetting.

Really I jest, even though today wasn't what one would think as a good birthday, it was as expected (with the exception of the duct taping the dog). Honestly, I am in favor of banning any more Dana Birthdays. They are too soon after the holidays and I have collected quite enough for my liking.

Enough for now...

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