Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Where's Dumas When You Need Him!

I think I've hit writer's block. Trying to decide what to blog about is starting to thwart my abilities to be witty. Work today was okay, things are slowing down for the moment so I am able to catch up on this and that, which has a calming effect on me. I gave my Mint, Grapes, and "that funny bush" a trim after work and it was rather relaxing (except for the mosquitoes that were dive bombing me). Dad edged my yard with his weed eater - not the right tool for the job but hey, it worked.

He did a really nice thing for me today and never told me .... but mom did. He went to the garage door store and double checked my order, it's around $700 smackers and it made me nervous ordering it without his mechanical expertise. He approved, whew!

My love of books extends only so far as a good book! I am working on finishing my current book but have been at it for more than a month now. It's not very engaging and I am struggling. I hate that, especially since I don't like to move to another book until I finish my current one. I am frustrated that I have only 50 pages to go to finish the darn thing and I keep putting it off. Aaarrrgg!

Enough for now.

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