Monday, August 30, 2004

Hurricane Charley Hit Here Too

It's been more than two weeks since I last blogged and every day of those two weeks as I sat on my couch I would think "I need to blog," and every day I promised myself to write an entry tomorrow. So let's called today "tomorrow."

It has been a whirlwind at work. Co-worker T and I rolled out a new website for the District - streamlining our focus to one audience and making it look a whole lot sharper. I gotta give props to T for the fantastic design but it wasn't easy transferring everything over. If T wasn't so good at website design - we'd might have had an easier "Back to School" transistion, thanks T! LOL. Among the mix of trying to redesign our site, I had the mess of trying to get the Student Parent Handbook (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese) to print, pressing the report card committee to work faster in deciding what would and wouldn't be included, getting more than 40 Back to School letters printed and to the mailing house to process and mail (I don't think that company ever wants to hear from me again) and taking my co-worker L to hospital after he tried to 3 hole punch his finger with the monster drill press just to mention the highlights.

On the home front things are shaping up nicely now that I am finally getting over the evil poison ivy. The backyard is cleared of all the unwanted saplings, honey suckle and poison ivy. I now have doors everywhere there were supposed to be doors (the previous owner removed the backdoor to the garage-don't ask I don't know why). I've ordered my new garage door and opener that will be installed on Wednesday. Pray for my little car, I've never parked in a garage before. For the time being, I think we're going to take a break from starting anymore home improvements - I'm pooped!

The Republic National Convention starts tonight and am I ever excited. Rudy is now speaking. I love Presidential campaigns! That would be my dream job. I love the Swift Boat for Truth ads, especially the one that uses Kerry sorry-ass Senate hearing testimony. How can anyone support a man who turned his back on his fellow solders who were serving in a war and accuse them of such horrible things. I believe in free speech as well as taking responsibility for the things you say. If you want to protest something - go for it! But be ready for me to judge you according to your actions. I judge Kerry unfit for command!

Enough for now.


Kim said...

AMEN sister! I hear you. Kerry is unfit! I have yet to hear the man say anything worthwhile, or even anything that is of substance. Totally behind Bush! Forget Kerry!

Double D said...

Props to you and T on the web...I think you guys rock.
And it's good to have you back bloggin'