Thursday, July 29, 2004

I Need Sunshine

Where have I been? Right here, hiding in my new house curled up on the couch. I haven't been in the mood to blog and to avoid posting something lame I took a blogging vacation. Am I back? Don't know yet. Work has been very busy and I am flat exhausted when I get home. The weather has been gray, which also makes my mood gray.

I am thrill to say that I had my very first house guest. Friend Shana came to visit and it was just what I needed. When my back went out so did my temper. She allowed me to forget about the pills, the ache and all the other stuff that goes with it. I hope the flood that hit Dallas missed her area of town.

The DNC has provided me some comic relif but has also terrified me at the same time. Do they really believe all that crap? Okay enough  of that.

I have been attempting my faux happiness lately and haven't been totally succeeding at it. Friend Shana and I discussed my refusal to be depressed but when I am hurt or sick and the weather is icky, my force field to repel that depression monster is not to strong. Oh! not to mention the gross poundage that I gained from having to eat every time I had to take medicine these last three weeks.

Must think happy thoughts! Must think happy thoughts! Must think happy thoughts!

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Double D said...

Hang in there little friend...sunshine is right aroung the corner. I just know it.