Friday, July 23, 2004

Friend Shana Comes to Town

It's Friday and I have made it! I am almost back to my norm, just a little tinge that let's me know my back is still not happy. It's like when you are sick you fall into a void of nothing-ness and making it hard to blog.

Friend Shana is coming to see my new place on Saturday - I am excited. We have been rather busy this year and haven't been able to connect since she moved from OKC to Big D. Of course we do the e-mail thing but it's not the same as the face to face conversations over deserts (our norm was to retreat to Pioneer Pies for bitch sessions).
Work is work and there's nothing exciting to announce. The back to school crunch is in full swing - didn't we just say "yeah, school's out"? Where'd the summer go? Only five weeks left and I am feeling the time slipping away. The Boss was on vacation this week, so it was a good week - especially since I had pain killers to make it all the better.

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