Sunday, June 06, 2004

Jazz Better Than Any Drug!

I am sitting here in my make-shift office/study, drinking my coke with Nina Simon (the greatest jazz singer ever) belting out "I put a spell on you," and I have to smile. My house, my coke and my jazz - life is good at this moment.

So, here's the thought - who would you put a spell on, if you could? I'd fly straight to Ireland and work that mojo on Gabrielle Burne. The sexiest man alive - that accent, that demeanor, that class that oozes out of him just sends chills down my spine.

I wonder if I'll ever date again? If I do, a quiet classy guy with dark hair and tall (6 foot or more) would be nice. The jazz is getting to, I love her! Enough for now, got music to relish.


Double D said...

I'm with ya on that whole concept.
blow baby blow...jazz!

Kim said...

Jazz really is great music! It is fitting for so many different occassions. I hope you are enjoying your house!