Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The boondoogle I would want to see

If this clip does not scare you there is something wrong with you. First that crazy Russian Putin has no desire to be a friend of the United States and I do think he is crazy enough to wage war against us.

Second Biden is our Vice President and should be ever thankful the Secret Service keeps him alive. He's incredibly stupid and if he needed to save his own life - Bahner would move up the chain of command. Now we learn not only is he the dumbest VP in history, he's greedy! To have the government rent his propery so they can protect him is wrong on so many levels? [ Must not say dirty words, must not say dirty words. ]

Nudist taking over a Marine owned beach? Are they mental? Let the idiots go to their beach and let the Marines hone their amphibious assaults skills anyone stupid enough to be on their beach.  Have you noticed that nudist are always fat and ugly - come on people! That's just not right. A new slogan "Support our troops, keep you pants on!" Camp Pendleton Marines should receive hazard pay for having to endure the mind numbing site of ugly naked people. [ Mental picture ulgy nake people running like sissy girls when the Marines land. ]

Enough for now...

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