Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Mother of the Year!
My friend and former boss, Ellen, would raise a hand in the air with all five fingers spread out wide and would say very earnestly "No! No! No!" whenever anyone of her employees or renters was doing something she did not approve of. That's exactly what I wanted to do when I heard of the Casey Anthony verdict.

There will be no justice for the little girl, Caylee. How can this be? How can the jury not see the guilt? How can another prosecutorial team allow this to happen? When we have such horrific crimes as this, the prosecution has got to be the best there is. Casey can never be brought to trial again because she has been found not guilty. I would have rather they not brought her to trial until they could have secured a conviction.

I do take comfort in that it should be hard to Casey to any semblance of a life. I wouldn't hire a baby killer to work in my place of employment. I wouldn't be friends with a baby killer. I wouldn't want anything to do with this horrible woman. Okay, now that I've ranted like a lunatic, I will state that I do believe in the judicial system. I just hate that one: incompetent prosecution lost another one or two: jurors didn't want to find her guilty regardless of the facts. I don't know but the system failed the baby.

It's OJ all over again! Another sucky thing is that she will get a book deal and make millions and can party her butt off. Now she won't have a baby cramping her style. Wait until she has another baby, she will be freed soon and can destroy another life.

Enough for now...

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is that one day it will catch up with her. She may never be put in jail for the murder of her daughter, but there will come a day when she will pay. What goes around comes around. As you brought up O.J., he is now serving a very long sentence in a jail in Las Vegas. Grante.d it is not for murder but he is in jail, and may never be out again