Friday, July 29, 2011

My Easy button doesn't work

Friend Linda went on a retreat this week for work and came back energized and with an Easy button to boot.

My week was anything but easy, it was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time. Everything was a fight or a struggle. Everything I have coming up looks to be the same fight or struggle.

I am tired of the drama and I want boring. I want easy but that stupid Easy button didn't make it easier. It just made Linda laugh. She enjoyed pushing the button even though I was not amused. I honestly think she was laughing at me. Even after I broke a form everyone uses. Yet, she still pushed the stupid button and laughed.

Do yo think she drank the kool-aid at the retreat?  She told me I could waller today in all the crap happening but the crap had to be left at work and I am supposed to enjoy my weekend. I doubt that will happen, the crap is still there... waiting ...waiting, patiently for me to return and wreck my world.

If I had a button it would definitely be a "Make It Suck" button and it would be stuck on! As that the theme of my week. I took a long soak hoping to wash away all this ickyness, but it only succeeded in scaring Winston, afraid he was going to have to take a bath. I am still bummed.

Enough for now...

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