Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Caution contents may be flammable

This would not have happened if the gas tank was on the same side.
Hey car manufacturers,

Would you do me a favor? All of you get on board and pick a side, I don't care which but please decide on either the right or left side for the gas tank. Why you ask, because every time I drive a state vehicle I have to pull into a parking space and get out and look for the gas cap before I can pull in to fill up.

Also it would be nice when you go into a busy gas station if all the cars could line up the same way. I have seen cars pull up to another car's nose because they each had gas tanks on different sides. Wait, am I being too logical? Would it be too much to know that when you got in a car, any car, that the gas tank was on the driver's side? HUH? I don't think that would be too much!

I don't like government regulations but since the government already owns Chevrolet why not demand that all cars from now on put the gas tank on the same side. I say its time for us to stand up for our rights to demand a universal side for gas tanks.

Okay, so now you've just heard one of my biggest pet peeves!

Enough for now...

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