Sunday, June 19, 2011

Smoking Hot

Where this cart path leads nobody knows.
Friday was the day of the charity golf tournament where I volunteered to take photos for the event. This was the event that Co-Worker Theresa runs and Co-worker Linda and I took a day to scout out Roman Nose State Park. What we did not know in February was that by June 17th, it was going to be a blast furnace out there. Record heat, 105 degrees with gale force winds and 18 rounds of golf - makes sense huh?

Actually, the tournament went real well and we managed to raise money for the scholarship fund. I managed to bring home a migraine from the heat and wind burn. But I also brought home some funny memories of my golf cart driver Melinda who struggled with the lack of cart paths on the golf course. But hey, we drove all over the greens and more than likely over some areas the course managers didn't want us to go.

Another hysterical thing was that Theresa and I both wore white Capri's in an area of flying red dirt. I have never gotten so dirty taking photographs. I came home filthy. It looked like I rolled all over the course.  It didn't help when I walked into Theresa's SUV tire - giant black mark on white Capri's. Yeah.

So in an effort to recover, I went to the casino on Saturday - you know indoor activities, staying out of the heat. I took the amount of money what I was prepared to lose and still be able to eat during the month and off to the slot machines. Now I don't think I want to go gambling ever again!

I will never ever do that do good again and I don't want to spoil the memory. I won so much on one machine that I moved up from the $1.50 bet to the $3 bet. Now that was really scary but the machine was paying and gave me a big jackpot to the point that I didn't think it would pay anymore at $3 bet so, ahem, I hit the $6 bet and low and behold it paid -- repeatedly!

I had a ball. I felt like a big spender! Only thing is that I won't spend MY money that way - the casino's yep but not mine. I managed to profit a cool $600 bucks that is now in my savings account.  I needed a little silliness and that's just what I got.

Enough for now...

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