Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lincoln would be mortified!

Today was my telecommute day. When I work from home, I am really able to get a lot of work done. I was able to create / update about six web pages for an annual event and web registration forms loaded. All working and looking fine. I was also able to set up a bid for our annual report and send out as well as clean up my email inbox.

I am a state employee, and I think I probably broke some public employee union rules during this productive day. It feels good when I am able to tick off so many jobs especially since I have so much more to do. Talk about job security, when you have more work that you can finish, odds are good you'll have a job tomorrow.

As I watch the news, I am so thankful I live here in Oklahoma, even if it gets freaking cold. People who don't live here like to make fun of the place or put it down because our cost of living is so low or that we don't have extremely trendy clubs or shops. What we don't have are extremely stupid and vindictive politicians that vote in a 66 percent increase in state income tax. Illinois will be lucky if the state will survive such a cruel act that the out-going Democrats did to their constituents. I am sorry if you want to raise taxes you do it fairly and at a respectable pace. The state will be lucky if many businesses don't flee to surrounding states. It is flat out appalling and hateful.

Enough for now...

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