Monday, January 17, 2011

Are there any Sci-Fi macho men out there?

Happy Government Holiday that only some people get and is basically useless since some are home and others are working.

I have been completely worthless today. I thought I would do laundry but opted for trying to develop a good address book for family members (so if you're family send me all your contact info). But really opted for watching the Farscape movie. Man, I miss that show. Sci-Fi will ruin all my opinions of men because I want the John Crichton type of macho man that really does not exist in the real world. The problem is that I like the Crichton type in my mind but end up dating Scarrans as pictured above holding Crichton prisoner.

I sat around all day in my jamies because it looked so icky and cold outside that when I went out for the first time at 5 pm to take out the trash, I was surprised at how warm it was. It's no wonder that people get sick with the weather bouncing all over the place.

I brought my work laptop home with me to attempt to get ahead for the week. There it sits right by my purse where I dropped it Friday night. I don't feel any qualms about it either. I will work my forty and get what gets done. I am getting to be a true state employee. Sucky!

Enough for now...

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