Thursday, December 09, 2010

Grandma's Spoiling Him

Mom has not been in the mood to work this week and since she works part time whenever she wants, she has been laying around the house being lazy. Not only has she been lazy, she's been lazy with my beagle - making him lazy too! The big problem with this is when a beagle has been lazy all day, I get to bring home a spastic bundle of energy.

Today, he wanted to play, which means he brings me a baby and I throw it. I did this about three or four times and then I noticed he didn't go get it and fly back to the couch. His baby has gotten stuck and he's pulling it very gently. I am amazed that he didn't pull the clock down.

Seamus, the famous, would have pulled the clock down and dragged over to me - very glad I was playing with Winston! Check out the video.

Enough for now...


Anonymous said...

If Grandma didn't spoil him you wouldn't get these cute videos

Dana said...

Yes, you are right AND I would feel guilty all day knowing he was at home by himself. Feel free to spoil away!