Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shop Till You Drop - Day Two

More pain, more charging, more fun. I think I have a shoe and purse problem.

I also have a black problem, black cape with pockets (so cool it has pockets), black turtle neck, black sweater, black and grey dress shirt and cardigan, black pants, brown poncho and multi-color dress shirt and a purple turtle neck.

Four pairs of shoes and two purses...Garden Ridge tomorrow??? Yes, I am nuts.

This doesn't count the black vest and wind chime I bought at the Affair of the Heart. Wait there's more, I bought mom and Kim's birthday outfit at Affair of the Heart and mom's Christmas at Kirkland's today.

Didn't Obama make it better for us idiots who charge like money grows on trees?

Just in case you'd better click on an ad to make sure I can pay for all of this. Support the Kim's Come to Town fund.

Enough for now...

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