Friday, September 02, 2005


My first vacation in a year where I am healthy! No puny lungs, no whimpy back - I am well and gonna love every minute I spend away from the hell hole in which I work. Unbelivably, I had a great week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I spent in training out of my office so not only was I learning cool new printing equipment but I was away, away, away!

I decided to take this week off due to the fact that I am baby sitting Seamus since mom and dad went to Vegas to gamble and over to Bishop, California to visit family. I haven't had much sleep the last three nights, do you know how hard it is to sleep with a 70 pound dog at your feet (or better put, across your legs) and a 20 pound dog at your shoulder pushing you toward the other side of the bed? Not a pretty sight!

I will be spending the cool morning hours this week putting boxes in the attic - who's coming over to help? I can make coffee. Then I will prep my kitchen for the next round of renovation, I bought a dishwasher, garbage disposal, new kitchen sink and faucet. Dad will have to rebuild one cabinet to house the dishwasher and run electric under the cabinet for the garbage disposal - unless someone handy out there wants to come over do it this week. Any takers? I can make coffee.

Enough for now.

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Double D said...

I like coffee...but not that much.