Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well if it had to rain thank goodness I didn't have to leave the house today. Another day to burn my vacation days and try to make that magic number of 44. There is something so wrong with the place that I work when so many talented people are hating every morning that I they have to get up and report to work. I am included in that bunch and had to put plans to look for work elsewhere on hold until I could purchase a house. (Who wants to risk lending someone money who's only been on the job for two weeks.) Therefore, I have no hope for reprieve from the madness I call "my job" for at least six months! (whimper)

Is it the system or the managers creating the problem? Partially both. Where I work there seems to be a system wide right to be rude! People who I don't know and have never work with directly will e-mail hateful letters or call me and talk down to me so much so that I have grown to hate answering my phone. At least I can delete an email - if I hung up on someone, I'd get written up! The managers.............dare I go there - what's the point those who know mine know the point but let me just say this they are part of the problem. Enough work - tonight I refuse to allow it infect my evening.

Today I had to sit by the phone and couldn't go on-line to even check my messages. I contacted my mortgage broker and we chatted. She took my information and went to work to see how much house I could get for the payment I wanted - six hours later she called. I qualify for a 103 percent loan, which is good since I don't have any money for a down payment or closing cost. Then she tells me how much house I could get and I about swallowed my tongue - it's modest for most but it was 15 to 20 thousand over what I thought I could get. YIPPEE - some good news at last. Now the work begins, before I can do this at all I have to pay off that pesky credit card and that means campbell's soup for the next six months and no going out - nada every spare penny goes to that card. My realtor is ready and she seems pretty good and has a handle on what I want - SAFETY! She's checking into Yukon and Mustang - I think I want to go back to that small town with big city close.

I go on Seamus duty tomorrow as mom and dad have to go back to California for L memorial. Dad will be an honorary pallbearer since L choose cremation. I never tell mom and dad how hard it is to live in two places and Seamus is a sweet baby that I feel guilty over dreading doing these babysitting jobs. It will be easier when I have a house and backyard then he will come live with me.

Enough for now....oh yeah, mini poll changes Sunday - send questions as to what should be polled next and/or summit your vote.

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