Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Gray and ugly day! It was such a long day (sigh). I think I am officially an "Anti-Upgrade" computer software girl! Adobe upgraded its Acrobat program and muck it all up! 6.0 is a piece of crap! I want my 5.0 back! I fought for two hours to reset or clear a form I had created and tested on my machine. Once my test gibberish filled all the fields that darn thing wouldn't clear. I had to create a special button to tell the form to clear itself! I was so frustrated that I was rather short with L who works in my office and had to apologize. Bless her heart, she walked in my office at the height of my frustration!

It's official I am in Graduation Hell! Two senior sponsor who torture me more than others, both sent their information in at that same time. I had to talk and explain and talk and explain to both of them and I know that I will still have a mess with them in the days to come. (Must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts)

Enough for now.

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