Friday, April 02, 2004

A walk down memory lane....the medieval fair is this weekend in Norman. I lived there for ten years and haven't felt at home since I left. In 1985 I moved there to go to college and vowed I'd never leave. Had the town stayed the same, I don't think I would be in Oklahoma City now. It tried to become a mini-Edmond and destroyed all its traditions and uniqueness.

There were many wonderful landmarks that spoke of the bohemian 1970s. Town Tavern, a dive of a restaurant, complete with duct tape on the booths stayed open all night with unlimited bad coffee - perfect for drunken philosophical conversation became a video arcade. Pinks and Denco's, home of the Denco Darling (a very gross dinner with beans, something else and fried egg on top), became trendy restaurants that had no aura of collegians from the past. New cookie-cutter houses started popping up all complete with the modern look that no matter how beautiful they are, where not of the old style that complimented the city perfectly. Then Old Navy moved in - I moved out!

I miss the old Norman, where I walked my Irish Setter (Chauncey - rest his sweet soul) all over the duck pond to play with the other puppies in town or the campus, where I walked my Dalmatian (Henri - rest his sweet soul) who I couldn't take to the duck pond because the ducks scared him(?). I miss sitting outside at the Mont chatting for hours over beer and queso. I miss the peace I felt in the town versus the chaos here. Alas, that peace and friendship is now gone replaced by yuppie styles and attitudes. I thought that yuppie crap had died but noooo it alive and strong in Norman!

I doubt that many college freshmen today would learn that elmer's glue doesn't hurt your hair that much and jello is great style setter. Man, I had fun being punk, slam dancing and generally scaring the izod off those preppies! I had fun being a hard core to all the guys who would ask me to dance and when I politely said no, they would ask "Why Not?" My favorite line in reply was "Do you really want me to insult you?" GUYS NEVER ASK WHY - YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

So I leave you with one question: is progress truly progress?

Enough for now.

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