Thursday, April 29, 2004

I have spent the evening leisurely packing here and there, watching TV, playing a computer game, and blog a's the best night I've had in two weeks! My head is so full of real estate lingo, graduation juggling and helping mom finish decorating her bedroom, what I have dubbed "the bordello" that I have had very little time for myself.

Either I am too efficient or work is dragging in. I spend the morning busy and the afternoon waiting for proofs to come back or a new job to come in. Boss allowed me to take the last week of May off - if she doesn't help me with the print shop, she's gonna be sorry. That will be the week the print shop will be scrambling to finish the printing for all the commencements. It will fall to her to make sure and ride them to get the jobs done on time. Not my problem, I've got a signed okay to take vacation.

Enough for now, I'm sleepy.

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