Monday, March 29, 2004

"Monday, Monday" I am hearing Neal Diamond singing to me. After my plumeria bath salted soak and relaxing...I started catching up on my all my friends I've neglected lately. The strange things about blogging - if I have nothing to say I tend to just be spastic and that's okay but if you send spastic emails people think your strange...why is that?

I've finally heard from Army Nephew and he sent me pics of Korea. I am so envious of his opportunities to see the world but here's a mental picture for you...Private Dana. Okay, stop laughing, I know my limitations and joining the military would have been beyond the limit. I can't pee outside in the woods - they would have had to discharge me on that alone. Don't know why, I just have a mental block on that one. Running? Yeah, right! I would have had a stroke before basic training would have been a week old. The gun stuff I would have been okay on, being raised by a hunter and all - but I'd blow that too somehow. Anyway, Army Nephew is getting to see some really neat things!

Free Association time:
  1. Pitbull: Run Seamus Run
  2. TD: OU
  3. Carter: Reagan
  4. Japan: Ninja
  5. 50: to close
  6. Streak: "Don't look Ethel"
  7. Rifle: Bambi
  8. Trap: Thumper
  9. Easter: "Thank You Easter Bunny
  10. Mitt: Hot Dogs.

Okay to tired to throw these into a story. Happy day! Happy day!

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