Friday, May 20, 2011

Exhausted but my hands look good

I have had a tough week this week and I couldn't / didn't want go and get my nails done. By today they looked horrible. So mom and I decide to go and we are going to enjoy a relaxing spa moment, wrong! We got there at 4:45 and they asked if we could come back at 6:30. My salon is walk-ins only.

Okay, we need this so we decide we can come back. We return a little early and the place is crawling with teenage boys and girls. They are obnoxious and on wearing every nerve. Mom and I are criticizing the mom for not settling to boys down and making them behave. The boys are central to one young girl and when her nails are done they all leave. The mom, we were bashing, was not their mom nor in charge of them. So to the Karma in the wind, we did try to walk back all our harsh words even though she didn't know that we were bashing her, I did feel bad.

Since school is about to let out, every seat was full and we had to wait another hour before we could get our turn. I think leaving the nail salon at 8:45 pm is too late.

I am also running on nothing because the thunderstorms kept baby up all night. He is thunder phobic and I gave him a Xanax when the storm rolled in but he was not going to soothed. At 5:45 a.m. my alarm goes off and I haven't slept at all and I sick to my stomach. I push through and go to work but the exhaustion makes my work so hard. I think I will crawl into bed and sleep like a rock tonight. Would it be wrong to take one of my dog's Xanax?

Enough for now...

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