Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When !@#$ Abounds

You know those people who say "it can't get worse," they are complete and total IDIOTS. I am one such idiot! My plate has been extremely full lately and my coping skills are less than stellar - I didn't think it could get worse.

Today, I go to work early to get a lot of work accomplished before everyone could come in, I get quite a few things out and then I send out my announcement about the annual report.

I send out an email to more than one thousand employees saying how great it is and to go check it out, here's the link. Then within three minutes, I start getting emails stating that the link takes them to different website. So I check the links, they are correct, so why does it send you to the wrong website? Lo and behold, my domain has expired! Then I get to the domain registry and my user name and password don't work. Panic ensues!

After much chaos, the domain gets renewed and my panic settles down. Then I keep refreshing my website hoping that it go directly to MY site not the domain renewal page. I have to call and ask why won't it redirect. Now, it's up to my web hosting server to update or refresh. I then call them to see if I can expedite the refresh, only problem Verio support won't answer the phone!

I sit here at 7:23 p.m. with my site still not visible and I am just about sick with nerves.

Can it get worse? Yes, and it usually does.

While I was on my three hour call with Verio (actually while I was on hold with that insane woman saying  "the next available representative would be right with you")  Mom called me and tells me Seamus is very sick and is having extreme arthritis. It can get worse!!

I think I want to run away to Alaska. There's no problems there right? They have days where the sun doesn't set, you can't be overwhelmed or depressed in the sunshine. That's it I am going to Alaska, I feel like a wet cat!

Enough for now...


Anonymous said...

yea ...iam not the only one that has to deal with crapola..

Dana said...

It's when crap is delivered via a mac truck that I freak.