Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Me and My Shadow

Tomorrow, I will have a senior from Yukon High School job shadowing me all day. Do you know how intimidating it can be knowing that you can shatter someone's dream with your boring job? The student coming wants to be a journalist, I hope that she won't totally judge the rest of her potential life on my job. Yes, the media is a large part of my job but so is the web, twitter, brochures, pictures, and other unglamourous stuff.

I have some media releases saved for tomorrow and photos to post so we will have stuff we can do together. Since she's a high school student and not a college student in J-school, I won't be able to give her stuff and turn her loose. That's okay, I just hope that she learns something and has fun.

I love doing things for the kids but it makes me nervous. And kids can smell fear!

Enough for now...

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