Friday, January 14, 2011

Psychedelic Rib Crib

Thank goodness this is a long weekend for me. I think I have reached delirium! Linda and Theresa and I went to lunch today and I really thought I ordered a salad but I ended up getting silly.  At the restaurant, we laughed and were silly and didn't bother with any negative work stuff.

It really felt good and then when we went back to work, I guess Theresa was driving reckless or something because at a light, she noticed that the guy behind us was at least four or five car lengths away.

Linda and I turned and looked and it was hysterical. The cars behind him were probably wondering what he was doing. Did I mention we were on Northwest Expressway [really busy city street] ?  We began giggling at this and I realized that either I was delirious or we had a really fun time at lunch.

If I didn't have these silly lunches, I truly think I would be insane. To all those on Northwest Expressway, Theresa always drives so GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

Enough for now...

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