Monday, November 01, 2010

I am a Writer for a Reason

little girl holding electrical cable in both hands with her hair standing on ends and shocked look on her face
Thursday, I head to the Oklahoma School for the Blind to be one of many guest speakers for their annual event, Future Shock. I am totally and completely scared to death - high school kids can smell fear and will eat me alive! Even though I knew I was agreeing to be "fresh meat," I could not refuse.

I love Future Shock. I have covered the event three of the four years I have worked for the agency. I believe in exposing the kids to what they might expect in life outside of high school. So I will pass on my experiences good and bad and hope they don't shred me limb for limb.

Actually, the break out groups are small and I hope to be in a class room as that won't be as intimidating as the auditorium. Even though I went to school to be writer, I will push aside my fears and nerves and have a good time. Gulp.

Click on an ad before you leave as I may need money for the Toast Masters club I may need to join.

Enough for now...

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