Saturday, November 06, 2010

Burr, I'm Not Ready!

I turn on the heater this morning. I was hoping to make it a week or two more but when you have an all tile house and it drops to 62 degrees even the beagle wants under the covers. I had to turn on the heat and crawl back in bed before I could move around the house.

When the temperature rose to an acceptable level, I gathered up stinky beagle and gave him a bath. Not the way he envisioned his Saturday starting but was a real trooper. Especially when he got to go to Grandma's and rub his slightly damp coat all over her king sized comforter.

Since my electric blanket also went kaput, I decided to use my Kohl's cash on that. My survival of the winter highly depends on electric blankets and long hot baths. After a leisurely lunch, mom and I ran over to Kohl's to get the blanket. Lovely, they don't carry electric blankets. I then proceed to the shoe department and bought two more pairs of shoes. And yes, I really had to have them!

After the impromptu shopping spree, I dropped mom off at home and ran to Target. I had to have a new electric blanket. I get in there and find some bath salts and bath oils, yes, I had to have them. Then over and got some Coke and Brussels - no question here had to! Then over to the blankets. I found XL Twin blankets on sale and was able to purchase three for our blanket drive at work but ironically no electric blankets! I did however find an electric mattress pad - that'll do!

Winter survival gear - check!

Don't forget to click on an ad as the Brussels will have to be replenished real soon.

Enough for now...

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