Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Vote to Evict Will!

I basically have no news to report. So I am strangely going to talk about how much I am enjoying this beautiful weather. The severe heat that we had this summer absolutely wiped me out. I lost any enthusiaism for any home improvement projects, any creative anything. I hate to admit how lazy I have been - no energy for life. It's like I've been in a heat warp and I am just now coming out of it.

I took a few days off on each side of the labor day weekend and boy howdy did I not want to go to work today. When I take vacations, it's usually 10 days at a time and 5 days wasn't enough! Right now, work is last place I want to be - I need a real vacation.

Winston is all better from his neutering but now the little stink pot has a strange lump on his chest. The vet put him on antibiotics for two weeks before he decides to cut it off. It could be a number of things but the only one I can remember him saying is tumor (must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts). He will have his recheck on Tuesday and really hope that the stupid thing goes away by then but it doesn't look like it's changed in the week he's been on the pills. Keep your fingers crossed for baby.

Anyone watching Big Brother this season? If so, did you do the happy dance when Will, aka Dr. Evil, got evicted? I squealed like a sissy girl when it happened.

Enough for now -


Kim said...

I have been following faithfully. I cannot believe how he has run the entire house! It got to the point that I was laughing everytime they got rid of someone else. I can't believe how many people fell for his manipulation! I hope Janelle gets it.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I have been watching it too. Not rabidly like some probably, but if it's on and I come across it, we watch it. I'm glad that part of Chill Town got evicted--he was a dick. I want the girls to win..either one, doesn't matter. I'm glad the boys' plan was shattered. Ha Ha suck it, boys!