Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

The dozen roses on my kitchen table tells me that it's my birthday (again, whimper). It was a good day for a Monday. Mom instructed Dad to go get me roses and then we all went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Oh yeah, for the topper I got my car's oil changed - okay, did that while at dinner but a productive evening none the less.

All my birthday presents came as usual at the same time as the Christmas presents. As a child, Jan. 9th was always a special day set aside just for me. Now, it just easier to open my Christmas/Birthday presents at the same time.

Winston and Seamus spent the day together. When I got home and let them in Winston ate and promptly went to bed. He tuckered himself out completely. So little man hasn't been much company tonight. I'll just have to wake him up when I go to bed and get him out of my spot - he'll groan and moan but he'll live.

Enough for now.


Kim said...

What is Winston looking like these days? Is he still a little fella?

dana said...

Yeah, he's still a wee one but don't tell him that. When you compare Sarah's pic of Maggie begging for food, she lays her head down on the coffee table. Winston has to stretch his neck up to get it over mine. He's a lot like C-4 both comes in small packages but are mighty powerful.

Kim said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dana! So what is your favorite mexican restaurant? Have you been to Las Fajitas over on Main in Yukon? It's delicious! They have excellent fajitas...go figure...hahahhah

dana said...

Yeah, I've been there it's okay but my favorite Mexican is in the city on Rockwell and 23rd. I don't eat fajitas so that may be the problem - I'm a cheese enchilda girl but the hot sauce and cheese really determines if I will return or not.