Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I Have Grout!

Hello fellow bloggers! Yes I know it's been eons since I tapped out a few lines but I've been a little busy lately. Since I last wrote I was pinning away about my vacation, over that two week break - I ripped out my livingroom and hall carpet out then ripped out the fake glued down tile in my office. Then I began working on all the black glue that had to be removed with paint thinner - Winston and I were high for about two days but hey, who needs that many brain cells anyway.

After a week and a half of work, I looked at the floor and knew there was no way I would get all the glue off to stain the concrete. On to plan B...I found a floor tile that I really liked but it was 6X6 tile (for those who don't know tile that is small). I was willing to do the work since the tile was what I wanted and it was actually cheap (.79 cents per square foot). So I went to buy it and lo and behold they had got in one pallet of the same tile in 12 X 12 tiles and where offering it for .59 cents per square foot. I bought it and enough to tile my kitchen!

Last night, Mom, Dad and I grouted the last of the hall and will seal the grout in the livingroom and office tonight. It's been tough but it looks so cool now, that ugly, ugly green carpet is all but gone (it's still in my bedroom and the guest bedroom till I can afford to change it out). Muscle have hurt that I didn't know existed and my fingernails will never recover but the place is finally shaping up.

Poor Winston, he may not recover from the renovation. He doesn't like the big shop vac I've had to use, nor does he like the drill Dad uses to mix the concrete or grout and he especially hates the fact that I am up moving around when he wants to snuggle. It's all been too much for him!

PS - thanks Andy for the advice on the concrete but as you can see I whimped out on that.

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Double D said...

You rock! Just the thought of doing tile makes me tired. We would love to see picks of the new renovation.