Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Life is Good

Winston and I are having a ball! Well, he could do without the collar but other than that he seems happy. He is learning more and more each day and I don't think he appreciates the word "NO." He did a dance yesterday when I told him no to chewing on my shoes and then ran over and tossed his baby around.

He's not sure about the rain - I couldn't get him passed the garage door on his own this morning. The sky was falling and he wasn't gonna have anything to do with that!

Work is work and really doesn't matter much when you have a new baby waiting for you to come home. We have a new graphic artist in the office, who is really nice. Hopefully, she can start relieving me of the jobs I acquired through necessity but really don't have the technical skills for.

It's bedlam week, I can't wait for the game. Oh by the game, Winston watches football too (I actually think its the crowd noise that gets his attention but it cute none the less).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and adorable little Winston are having fun together. Now, where is his OU doggy sweater?! :-)
Friend Shana

dana said...

Actually, I tried to find one but PetsMart only had giant size OU collars. I'll keep looking!