Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Seamus Moves to Yukon

I've had the little man (Seamus) this week. I am so proud of him! Buying this house has made all the difference - no pee-ing in my car, on my bed or running around the house crying while carrying his baby running from room to room. He loves my backyard and it's next to impossible to get him to come in. Monday was horrible for me because he is quite capable of jumping the fence, I was so stressed out worrying that he'd figure that out. So, I came home at lunch and found him asleep by the gate. I am so glad that he hasn't figured out that he can jump!

On the TV front, yeah Chip and Kim - enough said! Colin, I fear, is the next Scot Peterson.

Work has been nuts but hey, that's the norm. Around 4:15 I filled my coffee cup again, if that tells you anything. If my printer doesn't deliver my business cards soon, I fear there will be a revolt! I rarely go 4 hours without someone calling asking if their cards are in. I realize it has taken a very long time but what I want to know is if they are less of a person without cards? Do business card make you a real person or something? Aaarrggg! It's not my fault 3 printers refused to do the printing before I found someone that would!

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