Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I didn't know that stress could zap all your creative juices but since I began my quest to purchase my own home, my blogs have been rather dull. My apologies to anyone who reads these. I can't tell but am I projecting my stress on to others or is everyone about to go under?

Andy, friend, I fear you are in a losing battle over the land business. They send those letters out after the fact and usually the battle is already over. That's what happened to my parents. I wish you all the luck in the endeavor. It's wrong that you can purchase a place in the country with land and water and the city moves in. Just plain wrong!

Dawn and Kim are causing me to relive the terror of the end of a semester. I feel for you all and wish you well on the tests! You are both bigger than I, once I achieved my bachelors I vowed never to do that again!

Geez, Sarah, I can't identify with rotten oysters, I don't eat seafood EVER! But I am sorry you were feeling icky!

Waldo..............hmmm, I do feel bad for you having to run all over creation on that mission impossible.

Here's to better weeks (raise glass of whatever) we will survive! Oh yeah, must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts.

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